Self Love & Self Care Workshops


LOVE IS RAD is a tween/teen girls Self Love Weekend Workshop.  This workshop is designed to help tween & teens with the challenges they are currently facing.  They will learn the tools of Self Love and Self Care and why it's vital for a happy, healthy life. They will learn how to honor all of their emotions, how to remove blocks and access their self worth. We will speak about body awareness and body positivity. How to create a sacred space within their home. They will learn what their intuition is, how to access it and allow it to guide them in their life. We will play games, learn from nature and connect to a deeper part of self. Final days are dedicated to ceremony.  They will plan and create a ceremony together, which the parents will have to option to witness. They will create this ceremony with the tools they have learned and will then state their intentions to move forward into the new empowered version of themselves.