An 8 Week Teen Girls Workshop Series

LOVE IS RAD is a teen girls (ages 12-15) workshop series.  This workshop is designed to help teenage girls with the challenges they are currently facing. Some topics that will be covered are; body positivity, self love, self care, getting in-touch with their intuition, social media detoxing, creating sacred spaces/alter building, learning to honor all of their emotions and spirit guided visioning (Vision Board Creating). 

The workshop will begin on Tuesday January 18th at 5pm with a Zoom intro meet and greet!  We will then meet once a week on Thursdays from 4-6pm in downtown Fairfax beginning Thursday January 20th.  We will take Thursday February 24th off for Mid-Winter Break.  The final Thursday will be March 17th.  We will meet one last time on Sunday March 20th to hike around Lake Lagunitas in Fairfax.  We will hold a ceremony on this day which is the Spring Equinox.  During the ceremony, the girls will create this ceremony with the tools they have learned and will then state their intentions to move forward into the new empowered version of themselves.

The cost of the course includes:
-10 total sessions with me, Tiana (1 initial Zoom Intro Meet and Greet, 8 in-person sessions in Fairfax and 1 Final Ceremony).
-Guest Speakers
-Self Care Goodie Bag

(Ellie's Essential Oil 'Love Is Rad' Blend, Ina Botanicals Loose Leaf Tea, Intentional Goods 'You Are The Light' candle, Bath Bomb, LOVE IS RAD: Journal, Apparel & Bag).