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Hey Texas, You Don't Own Me!

Since October of 2018 (when I CHOSE to have my abortion), I have been observing and taking small steps to action. This new ban is making those small steps turn into big leaps. I have had my opinions and have slowly been releasing them for others to hear & read. In November of 2020, I became public with my abortion story. I wrote a blog about it, posted it to my social media and made it accessible for the world to read and understand. In doing so I have slowly built up my resilience to others opinions and judgements. At the same time, I have opened my heart to others stories and found so much compassion, understanding and empathy.

The United States has now found itself falling back into patterns. What is the best way to move through patterns? Awareness, Expression, Forgiveness/Self Compassion and creating New Behaviors. Sometimes in life we need to fall back in order to be launched forward into our future. So I ask you, are you willing to put in the work to be shot forward, like an arrow, towards the change that we as a human race need?

We have been stuck in the place of Awareness HELL with regards to abortion. Being caught in the knowing that something needs to change. Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life. Now that we are AWARE that there is no agreeing on this topic, let's move forward into Expression. So now I ask you, are you willing to take the steps forward to speak & express your abortion story? I am here for you in full support. Now is the time to stand up and know that you are not alone in this expression. Your ability to speak and express yourself supports other people to do the same. It becomes contagious. This is where the real change begins.

Once we are able to see how many people there are in the world that have benefited from having a CHOICE to do what felt best for them, we then gain compassion for others. In-turn we begin to generate Self Compassion and Forgiveness. So now I ask, how has the journey towards Compassion and Forgiveness been? Have you been able to reach this place for yourself? This took me a while to reach. It is a constant practice. Daily even. Being able to reach this place has allowed me the strength to see people, even those I'm not fond of, from a different place by removing lenses created from patterns.

Moving this direction will then bring all of us to a place of understanding. Of creating New Behaviors. Of understanding our fellow human. Each human being holds the universal truth/right to make the choices they need to make in order to move forward on their path. One human may not have the same beliefs as another, however it is not their place to interfere in the life and choices of another. So I ask you, under all the anger, frustration and resentment, are you ready to create a new way of being? Are you ready to allow your fellow human their FREEDOM to do what they know is best for them?

I will not go silent into the night, nor will I live in awareness hell any longer. I am launching my arrow forward towards Self Compassion/Forgiveness so that I can create a new human behavior, as well as a place of support and safety for other humans that are feeling stuck, trapped, shame and guilt for making their CHOICE.

With all of this said, I say, hey Texas, John Seago & those who want to Ban Our Bodies, wake up! If you're against abortion, just don't have one. You don't own my body and the moment you think you do, you have lost. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED and I will be the LIGHTHOUSE for those who need it until the day I move on from this life. Bring it!



(Bay Area Healer)

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