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Have you ever had a dream so BIG that if you didn't pursue it, it would feel as though your purpose on this planet were to slowly fade away? That the excitement and LOVE for life would lose its meaning all together?

Starting my business during a pandemic was something that I never imagined. One day, I sat down and made the conscious & courageous choice to create my website (something I had never done before). From there I started to learn more about myself. My likes my dislikes, what ignited a spark in me, and I used that ignition as a guiding light on the path to begin to create BAY AREA HEALER.

Creating my website from scratch was no easy task. Once I got the flow of it, it became a stream of consciousness that flowed out my fingertips. All I needed to do was sit quietly, and allow the information to fall into my awareness and follow the flow of magic that began to emerge.

What started out as Bay Area Healer; giving Massage, Reiki and Doula services, quickly grew to Oracle Card Readings, Spiritual Mentoring, Energetic Space Cleansing, Akashic Record Readings, Ceremony Guide, and more. To now ... LOVE IS RAD.

LOVE IS RAD is an apparel line that I have slowly curated over the last few months. I had an idea come into the forefront of my mind (I would call it a "download" of information) about LOVE. My biggest prayer in my life is to live my life from a place of LOVE. To embody LOVE, to give LOVE and be woman enough to receive all the LOVE. I walk the path of LOVE and everything else that is not that falls away. Using LOVE as my guide for everything I do in my life. All I want to do is help people heal on their life's journey's by LOVING them. I don't claim to heal people. My mission is to LOVE people. LOVE is what HEALS people.

I want to transmit more LOVE out into the world. One day, after receiving a message download, I made the choice to put my intention onto wearable pieces of clothing so that it could spread around and people could read it, give it and receive it. This is where LOVE IS RAD was born along with the #LOVEelution movement. I want the world to heal, and the only way that I know how that will happen is through the healing power of LOVE.

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