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What is your EDGE?

Last night I hosted my monthly Cacao Ceremony at Metta Yoga in San Rafael, CA. Like all of my ceremonies, I do not plan them. I wait to see what comes up intuitively and I go from there. I will ask spirit what it would like me to work on with the circle and I will flip through the Sarah Blondin book, "Heart Minded".

As I flipped through the pages last night, I was stopped at the page of bringing your heart to its edge. I then asked the circle to write in their journals about what brings them to their edge. What guides them to pull back to safety and what pushes them to take a leap of faith into the unknown? As they were writing, I began to fluidly journal as my thoughts were coming through. Here was what intuitively fell out of my mind...

My edge is built of stone granite on the side of a massive mountain. Its height reaches to the heavens and the skies are grey in color. It is a scary place to be. Behind me is safety, my sanctuary of flowers, trees, birds and rainbows. The leap into the unknown the foggy abyss of potential nothingness. The leap of faith could mean DEATH. But what's on the other side of DEATH...REBIRTH! I will ALWAYS take the leap of faith. I am not the person to stay in comfort as life was not meant to be easy. It was meant to be experienced with passion and excitement. ALWAYS LEAP!

Thursday I gave notice to a very comfortable, secure and safe job. Taking the leap of faith was scary, but if I didn't do it now, then when? I am nervous, but even more, I'm excited to close that door and move forward. I know the Universe has my back and guides me with my heart wide open!

With all the LOVE and gratitude,


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