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Intuitive Medicine Practitioner

Tiana has studied the art of Reiki (energy) Healing & Light Healing, as well as body work. She is an intuitive light worker who is able to connect directly with divine source and guidance.


She has spent many hours working with the four quadrants that make us humans and developing the intuitive gifts of Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Psychometry, Precognition, Knowing/Abstract Sensing & Telepathy.


For a long time, Tiana thought she had her life all figured out, but to her surprise, she did not.  When she fell into her “Dark Night of the Soul”, her life was turned upside down.  Moving through that darkness and being able to alchemize the darkness into the light was a power she did not yet know she had.  


What she has come to understand was that everything she has gone through was all medicine to answer her life's biggest prayer, LOVE.  Her prayer is quite simple, she wants to be the LOVE, give the LOVE and be woman enough to receive all the LOVE.


In that she has realized that she did not come here to heal you, she came here to LOVE you.  LOVE WILL HEAL YOU.  


From her experience of extreme healing for herself, she found the formula she now uses to help others heal.  

She knows her soul's purpose on this planet is to help bring LOVE and light into each being she encounters.  She is here to help you find peace, LOVE, joy, healing and your soul's biggest prayer.

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