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The Power of FEAR

What is it? What is yours? The interesting thing about fear is that we have been coached and trained to believe that fear is a bad thing. Fear is the great window. It gives us the opportunity to dive deeper. To reveal the humanity within ourselves. It allows us to remember that we are all here for a short time. A moment in time to be honest. It gives us the gift of mindfulness. To live in the moment. To hold gratitude because it could all vanish. But yet it ALL does VANISH. Every evening when we fall asleep, our slate becomes washed free. Our spirit flies through the dream realm and adventures through time and space. It is FREE to live it’s life in a place without FEAR. Fear holds our spirit captive. Holds us, in our human meat suits, captive. We are held here, to be humans in this experience to learn whatever the lessons are that are needed for us to ascend to the next level. To the next experience. To grow beyond comprehension. Maybe the growth is “heaven” and the being stuck in our own thoughts and fears is the “hell”. Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe we are God, the universe, the light and heaven is just the ascension and FREEDOM from Fear and Hell is being stuck within the Fear. Maybe that’s all we have. I don’t “know” this to be true, but I FEEL it has truth to it.

When I break down any Fear that I have or have ever had, it all points back to one truth...DEATH. Could that be true for you as well? If you take any fear you have, and you break it down to its simplest form, where does it lead? Fear of death? Fear of the inevitable? Why do we fear something we have no control over? Oh wait...there is it...CONTROL. Our Ego steps in. Hello there, it’s so nice for you to join me here. So Ego, I ask you, why do you feel the need to control death? Well, if I don’t control it then I will die. If I die, I am gone. If I’m gone, I will not be remembered. If I’m not remembered, did I ever really exist? If I didn’t exist then what was the purpose of my life?

It truly is about finding purpose here in this life. Living life, moment by moment. Others will not remember the car I drove, the money I had or didn’t have, the clothes I wore. They will only remember how I made them FEEL and what I helped them to see within themselves. At the end of the day, at the end of my life, I hope that the people who show up to my memorial will be those whose hearts I have touched in a way that made them feel kind, loving and compassionate towards themselves and others. I hope that people experience that today and everyday when they are with me. I want a little piece of my heart, my compassion and my love to be left with every person I come in contact with throughout my life, because, at the end of it, that’s what truly matters.

Let Fear drive you to move down your path in a way of purpose and service to yourself and others. So at the end, when the last breath is breathed, the last tear falls down your cheek and the last smile is given, you can leave a piece of yourself behind for others to walk the same purpose driven life.

With all my joy, compassion and love,


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